About IGU

The International Geographical Union (IGU) is an international, non-governmental, professional organization devoted to the development of the discipline of Geography.

The purposes of the IGU are primarily to promote Geography through initiating and coordinating geographical research and teaching in all countries of the world. Its work is conducted through the instruments of its National Committees, Commissions and Task Forces.

The IGU hosts the International Geographical Congress every four years and also promotes regional conferences and other meetings that further of the objectives of the Union. The IGU also facilitates the participation of geographers in the global community of scientists through its formal affiliation as a Member Union within the International Science Council (ISC) and the International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences (CIPSH).

The IGU now has more than 40 ‘Commissions’ (and three Task Forces) – these are groupings of geographers who are interested in particular aspects of the discipline. IGU Commissions and Task Forces cover the whole range of themes that constitute the discipline of Geography. Each of these has a Chair and a Steering Committee and organises conferences and workshops (often around major IGU events), distributes newsletters containing information related to the topic including of course the news of any upcoming meetings, and publishes books and special issues of journals etc. related to the topic. To join a Commission or Task Force simply write an email to the chair and let them know you would like to be put on their list of corresponding members.

You can find a full list of all the IGU Commissions and Task Forces with details of contact persons and website addresses at: https://igu-online.org/organization/commissions/